Safety first!

The contact with fire and firejuggling needs special attention and attentiveness. We are experienced, full-time artists and educated in the contact with fire.

We use only approved and professional juggling equipment and props, produced from best material. Every props is checked before each appearance/performance for wear and tear

We are insured for Shows and Lessons with a coverage of up to three million Euro of liability insurance. Since we have been working for years without accident, we have not needed to make any claims.

Use of Fuel
We use only doubly cleaned petroleum (lamp-oil) as fuel, which produce less coom and only on the prop itself burns. Excessive lamp oil is removed from the props in order for the fire to burn cleanly and without flare-ups.

Environmental protection
We keep an eye on topmost-possible tidiness and environmental protection. The props are prepared clean and are stored in cases.

On stage we use wet fire-extinguishing blankets to put out the fire on the props. Suitable fire-extinguishing apparatus is always in reach.


If you have more questions please contact us. We will help you.


Dates and Events

31.12 Burlesque Revue "Las Vegas", New Years Eve in Idstein


05.01 Fireshow Solo, Saunaanlage Schwitzkasten Budenheim


11.01 Fire show Firedance and LED Show, Corporate Event in Mainz


19.01 +20.01 Messe Frankfurt, Trau Dich, Stand B17


19.01 Bond Showact + Walkact, Gala Siegen


29.01 Fireshow Firedance, Phantasialand Brühl, Event


further Events follow...

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