The performers of Project PQ present a new and unique production: The luminous Living Dolls with costumes by the artist Beo Beyond! As a spectacular eye-catcher for events and product presentations, the luminous Living Dolls draw attention and  delight the audience.

Flexible and suitable for many occasions:


As an attention getter on events and as an integral part of  space installations, the Living Dolls appear as animate works of art, a magic performance in slow-motion, that creates a mesmerizing atmosphere. The artists entertain in a  mysterious and yet discreet way. This makes them the perfect cast to turn a gala dinner or a large buffet into an unforgettable   experience. The luminous figures are also very aesthetic in the lounge area of events, i.e. where dimmed light and a  relaxed atmosphere virtually call for elaborate attractions.


The UV-Living Dolls can be booked also for Clubs to perform to a live Set from a DJ. The dancers are professional stage dancers with great moving skills. They are an exclusive and luminous alternative solution instead of Gogo Dancer. 


The luminous Living Dolls are also able to engage with your guests or customers in a charming and non-verbal manner. With their enchanting aura, promotional gifts can be handed out in an unconventional way. The Living Dolls put these give-aways - with or without advertising slogan - into the spotlight of attention. Even literally: There are many promotional gifts, that glow in black light. These can be rather mundane things like pens, which would normally not elicit any attention. But when they are fluorescent, they will glow in the proximity of the Living Dolls. Handed out with a  fanciful gesture, such give-aways become something special. We will gladly advise you in the choice of the promotional material.

As a matter of course, the luminous Living Dolls can also artfully present larger products and be used for promotional events, turning them into an attractive overall experience for your audience. Particularly the night life is the perfect environment for the luminous Living Dolls to present your product to an outgoing and young audience in an unconventional manner. And it will create a lasting memory. Here you can find more informations.


25.11 Danceshow, Company Christmas Party in Stuttgart


01.12 LED Show Cyber Lights, company event in Bensheim


02.12 LED Show Cyber Lights, Car presentation Porsche, Raubling


08.12 LED Show Cyber Lights, Company Event at Dolder Grand in Zürich


08.12 Show production with blacklight for Weleda in Basel, Switzerland


09.12 Aerial Acrobatics, Monte Mare in Kaiserslautern


14.12 LED Show Cyber Lights, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Company Christmas Party


15.12 LED Show Cyber Lights, Company Christmas Party in Würzburg


15.12 Show production with blacklight for Weleda in Schwäbisch Gmünd


16.12 Winter Varieté Show, Solo LED + Aerial Hoop


21.12 Danceshow, Company Christmas Party in Frankfurt


Dear customers, due to the show production and a lot of show bookings, we are unfortunately unable to accept bookings until 24.12.