Productions of Project PQ visualize business-concepts and business objectives

Fantastic shows are produced by Project PQ according to the ideas of the clients

For events, the Company Project PQ develops accurately fitting and stirring show-productions with light, which brings the goals of a convention or a firm on the point and reinforce their effect on the participants and guests. We mainly work with black-light or with light-visuals according to wish of the customer.

The visual magic of a black-light-production moves the observers inevitably into their ban. In no other stage-show, it is possible to let persons and objects appears and vanishes magically and surprises the public again and again. Project PQ has long-time experience in this stage-subject. For Siemens , an unique logo-production was realized in Dubai.

In the year 2013, the team around the professional dancer Petra Quednau brought out to big shows for s.Oliver and Michelin. 2016 Bosch Car Service got their own B2B Show by Project PQ. For these shows, a concept was issued and the matching props according the concept were produced in the house-own studio. We always keep an eye on good luminance of the props and years-long testing with different materials creates a high quality of the shows. So such a show-production can be presented also at company and gala-events where no solidly installed stage exists.

Beside the manufacturing of the props the show is choreographed at the same time and trained to our dancers. The team is especially versatilely and each of the actresses is trained in dance, theater or musical and supplement their proficiency with juggling and acrobatics. That makes it possible to create shows very quick and bring them on stage.



25.11 Danceshow, Company Christmas Party in Stuttgart


01.12 LED Show Cyber Lights, company event in Bensheim


02.12 LED Show Cyber Lights, Car presentation Porsche, Raubling


08.12 LED Show Cyber Lights, Company Event at Dolder Grand in Zürich


08.12 Show production with blacklight for Weleda in Basel, Switzerland


09.12 Aerial Acrobatics, Monte Mare in Kaiserslautern


14.12 LED Show Cyber Lights, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Company Christmas Party


15.12 LED Show Cyber Lights, Company Christmas Party in Würzburg


15.12 Show production with blacklight for Weleda in Schwäbisch Gmünd


16.12 Winter Varieté Show, Solo LED + Aerial Hoop


21.12 Danceshow, Company Christmas Party in Frankfurt


Dear customers, due to the show production and a lot of show bookings, we are unfortunately unable to accept bookings until 24.12.