Fireshow Big Burn BMW


At the 11th of July 2015 we have been booked the fourth time for the company Bridgestone with a fire show. This time, the customer decided for the show "Drums on Fire" that was shown for an internal celebration in Neukirchen/Pleiße. The beginning of the show was custom-built and alternately a drummer and a fire artist entered the stage and the show increased towards the end. This could be realized without any problems and the audience was enthusiastic. A short clip of the show can be seen here.

But not only Bridgestone are among the customers who book Project PQ regularly. We were with a team this year for the fourth consecutive time at the event "Auto News". It takes place at the beautiful Wörthersee in Austria. We present there every year a new choreographed fire show and the aerial ring acrobatics of Petra Quednau. The customer appreciates the experience with the local audience and the local conditions, as well as our creativity in the realization of the show program.

The company “Total Feuerschutz” booked us in 2013 with the fire show Mystique at the castle in Schwetzingen for their company event. The fire show was accompanied with pyrotechnics and left a lasting impression, because this year the company booked us two times with the fire show Duo for their customer event in Weinheim.

Also at the Fireworks Festival “Feuerzauber” we are now represented in the third year. Last year, we had a show in Karlsruhe, Paderborn and Oberhausen. This year we perform at the 15th of august in Paderborn and at 29th of august in Oberhausen with a rotating team and a new show.

And SAP, for whom we realized the fire show "Drums on Fire" indoor in 2010, booked us again this year. This time at the Schwetzinger Castle with the fire show "Fire Dance", for a customer event. We showed a 10 min. Show with choreographed and improvised elements on the lawn in front of the castle. Finally, we performed together with the music quartet "La Finesse" a fire show with classical music. The spectators were thrilled by so much feminine power!

Returning customers are a proof to the uncomplicated collaboration and the quality of the shows. More information about our customers can be found in the references.


24.2 Fireshow Duo, Special Wolf Night, Zoo Worms. Tickets here (sorry, already sold out)

16.02 Magical Mississippi, Miss Randy Brandy, Junghof Undenheim


17.02 Magical Mississippi, Miss Randy Brandy, Junghof Undenheim


24.02 Fireshow Duo, Earth Hour in Neuleiningen


25.02- 02.04 Plant closure. For inquiry please send us an Email.