Let yourself be impressed by the Fireshow of the Ladies of Fire. The Fireshow Mystique unites fire, action, dance to captivating music, hot costumes and special pyro-effects. Experience a fire show with a combination of thrills you will hardly find elsewhere.

Firespitting Project PQ

Because of the long experience in dance and stage performances the fireshow "Mystique" stands out from the crowd. This fire show is a professionally arranged and choreographed show by three female artists. We work exclusively with professional dancers, wich have as well great dance skills, also as a big stage-presence and expression. The choreographer Petra Quednau is well known for striking and rounded choreography that create lasting memories and beautiful pictures. Jazzy dance skills, great stage presence and excellent fire juggling come together in this fire show, rounded off with new fire juggling tricks, spectacular effects and new fire props.

The fire show Mystique is a completely arranged, choreographed and exclusive stage-show with three sexy fire-artists. The three female fire-acrobats offer a round show with already was seen in Romania, Hungaries, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Luxembourg, France and in the Arabic emirates. More references.

Honored as "Artist of the year"

A professional and arranged fireshow. This stylish and modern fireshow can be easily integrated in each kind of event.

"Fiery juggling combines with a lot of action was presented by the Lady of Fire with their perfectly arranged show of aesthetic juggling with fire" (Böblinger magazine)


Compare this fire show with our other fireshow offers. On request we will send gladly our presentation material with more videos and informations. Informations to our fire-savety you can find here.



29.9 Fireshow Duo + burning number, Company event in Stromberg


07.10 Fire show Solo, private event


17.10-19.10. Apassionata Coaching, Tulln, Österreich


25.10 Walkact Wine, Company Event in Frankfurt


28.10 Fireshow Duo, Company Event in Zweibrücken


30.10 Fireshow Helloween Duo in Bedburg and in Kaiserslautern


04.11 Fireshow Duo, Stuttgart leuchtet


04.11 Walkact "Rushing reporter" in Würzburg, Company Event