Unique blacklight shows make colors dance and illusions become reality. Project PQ stages and produces exceptional blacklight shows.


Blacklight Show Animatix Lux Project PQ

Blacklightshow "Animatix-Lux"

An incredibly visual light-show with uv-light and lightprops on the newest level of the LED - technology. Awarded as "Artist of the year 2010"

UV Living Dolls Project PQ

UV-Living Dolls

As an attention getter on events and as an integral part of space installations, the Living Dolls appear as animate works of art, a magic performance in slow-motion, that creates a mesmerizing atmosphere.

Show Production for Michelin by Project PQ


Productions of Project PQ visualize business-concepts and business objectives

UV Show Glowdance Project PQ

Glowdance 80s

In this action-packed black light show you will experience a journey back in time to the 80s

LED Show Cyber Lights Project PQ


LED Show Cyber Lights

The state of the art LED show enables you to visualize your logos and graphics in an unique and choreographed light dance.



Light shows and displays based on ultraviolet lights are becoming more and more popular. Theater with black light or so-called black theater is a magical and special form of theater, which is difficult to encounter in Germany. The only source of light consists of the black light dispensers or light tubes (ultraviolet light with a wave length of approximately 365 nanometers), which make white or neon-colored objects and clothing lighten up and thus make these visible for the audience.

The light shows also include LED shows. For this type of light show the performers work with juggling equipment which is brought to light by LED lights and can be programmed beforehand.

Project PQ shows all that is possible with black light and LED, and the performers are also very versatile: Light juggling, dancing with lights and theater are all performed with exquisite and designed costumes and requisites.

Should you have questions for the realization of a show, we are always ready to answer them: our contact information. Our black light and LED shows are suitable for events, gala receptions, vaudevilles and all other types of events in venues where the light can be dimmed.








25.11 Danceshow, Company Christmas Party in Stuttgart


01.12 LED Show Cyber Lights, company event in Bensheim


02.12 LED Show Cyber Lights, Car presentation Porsche, Raubling


08.12 LED Show Cyber Lights, Company Event at Dolder Grand in Zürich


08.12 Show production with blacklight for Weleda in Basel, Switzerland


09.12 Aerial Acrobatics, Monte Mare in Kaiserslautern


14.12 LED Show Cyber Lights, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Company Christmas Party


15.12 LED Show Cyber Lights, Company Christmas Party in Würzburg


15.12 Show production with blacklight for Weleda in Schwäbisch Gmünd


16.12 Winter Varieté Show, Solo LED + Aerial Hoop


21.12 Danceshow, Company Christmas Party in Frankfurt


Dear customers, due to the show production and a lot of show bookings, we are unfortunately unable to accept bookings until 24.12.